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Sultan Qabus University Conference
Keynote speech Salma Samar Damluji
'The Architecture of Oman: A future perspective'

Date:29 March 2021

Two African Tales: presentation of the books
Universita di Venezia, Scuola di Dottorato, Venice, Italy
Date: 12 Feb 2021
Tropical Toolbox. Fry and Drew and the search for an African modernity
by Jacopo Galli
Tra Mediterraneo e Sahara.
André Ravéreau e la valle del M’Zab by Daniela Ruggeri
Fernanda De Maio Università Iuav di Venezia

Salma Samar Damluji American University of Beirut
Laurent Hodebert ENSA Marseille
Patrizia Montini Università Iuav di Venezia, AFRO-LAB
Ola Uduku Manchester School of Architecture

Against Disappearance: A Series of Discussions about Cultural Heritage & Contemporary Culture
The British Council’s Cultural Protection Fund and Shubbak, London’s festival of contemporary Arab culture, present a panel of experienced specialists from the Middle East and North Africa who are actively involved in and engaged with cultural heritage.

Contributors included Rand Abdul Jabbar whose research installation takes the tragic history of the Minaret of ‘Anah in Iraq as its starting point; Hatem Imam from Samandal who will discuss how regional artists created new comic strips based on archive photographs from the Arab Image Foundation; and musician and composer Amir ElSaffar who brings together jazz, flamenco and traditional Arab maqam.

They were joined by host Jumana AlYasiri and a range of speakers; architect and co-founder of Daw‘an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation Dr Salma Samar Damluji discussing post-war reconstruction and rehabilitation work in Hadramut with Prince Claus Fund; reflecting on the restoration of The Khalidi Library, curator and director of Al-Ma‘mal Foundation in Jerusalem, Jack Persekian; musician and assistant artistic supervisor at Action for Hope, Farah Kaddour, highlighting how the music school is one example of Action for Hope’s programmes across the region.

Presented by the Cultural Protection Fund and Shubbak Festival. The Cultural Protection Fund is led by British Council in partnership with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.
Date:Tuesday 15 December 2020

Citymakers: Five days in Msheireb
Allies and Morrison
Set in the heart of Qatar's capital city, there are more than 100 contemporary buildings, each distinct yet all expressing a shared architectural language rooted in the local culture and climate. One of the largest projects we have been involved with as a practice, we have presented a series of five online seminars exploring it as it reaches completion. Across sessions over five Thursdays, we revisited the project's genesis and its masterplan, visited its buildings, uncovered how it was delivered and debated what lessons can be learned.

Moderated by Paul Finch, speakers included key individuals in the development of the project as well as new voices. Each session lasted 1 to 1.5 hours.

Day one: Msheireb - the idea with Fatima Fawzy, Simon Gathercole, Ian Gardner, Kevin Underwood and Salma Samar Damluji, Thursday, 05 November, 5:30pm GMT
Date: 05 November 2020

David Chipperfield Architects DCA Talk
Earth architecture, Hassan Fathy and reviving heritage
Salma Samar Damluji in conversation with Rob Wilson
Date: Thursday 29 October 2020

The New York Review of Architecture NYRA in Conversation
Regarding War/ The Architecture of Yemen
Architect and architectural historian Salma Samar Damluji and journalist Iona Craig discuss the current conflict in Yemen and its impact on its architectures and infrastructures. Moderated by Nicolas Kemper and Madeleine Schwartz and presented jointly by The New York Review of Architecture and The Ballot.
Date: 2 July 2020

إعلان مناقصة :مبنى ديوان المحافظة (المستشارية سابقا)
تعلن مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية عن إنزال مناقصة مبنى ديوان المحافظة (المستشارية سابقا) تنفيذ الاعمال الطارئة (الهدم – اعادة بناء السقوق-اعاده بناء الجدران المتضررة)

المكلا- حضرموت
مدة وموعد فتح المظاريف
07/08/2020 10/08/2020

فعلى الراغبين بالاشتراك في المناقصة من المقاولين والبنائين التقليديين من ذوي الخبرة والاختصاص يمكنهم الحصول على مستندات المناقصة من مكتب المؤسسة الواقع في قصر الشيخ عبدالله بقشان بمنطقه خلف الى نهاية الفترة المحددة سابقا
Hadramout TV Feature
Daw‘an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation: Twelve years of work
Hadramut in a week
Date:16 March 2020

Conference Women in Design 2020+ The Hecar Foundation
Place: Mumbai, India
Date: 7-10 January 2020

Meeting Cultural Emergency Response: CER Network Partner Organisation 2019
Place: Prince Claus Fund, Amsterdam
Date: 2 December 2019

Colloque AeAUE ‘Association des élèves architectes et urbanistes de l'État’ Promotion 25
Place: Paris, Cité de l'Architecture et du patrimoine
Date: 5 July 2019

‘Hassan Fathy Earth & Utopia’

General Site Assistant
Location: Mukalla and Shihr in Hadramut Province, Yemen.
Start Date: June 2019-December 2020
Newly graduated young qualified architects to work with Site Architect on architectural and field surveys in preparing survey drawings, details and sections, with damage assessment. Assist with preparing the bill of quantities (BOQ) and the chart work schedules for the designated sites.
Working alongside site architects (and Dawʿan Architecture Foundation team members) to support daily coordination, report on follow up and supervision of site.
Hassan Fathy: Earth & Utopia
Place: Sursock Museum
Date:Thursday 11 April 2019

Cultural Protection Fund Workshop (CPF Funded Projects)
Place: Beit Beirut - Independence Street (Elias Sarkis Avenue) Beirut Lebanon
Date:Thursday 31 January 2019
Postwar Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Yemen
This project will be undertaken by the Prince Claus Fund in partnership with the Daw’an Mud Brick Foundation. This project will restore, reconstruct and renovate important cultural sites and landmarks in the Yemeni province of Hadramut that have been affected by.

Project Representatives: Deborah Stolk and Dr Salma Samar Damluji

Architectural Association School of Architecture Public Talk
17 January 2019
New Canonical Histories series
‘Retelling History …’

International Heritage Workshop, Makli, Pakistan
Place:‘The Daw’an MudBrick Architecture Foundation’
Date:25-27 October 2018

Place: Architecture and Champagne Summerschool (UEAC)
Date:18-31 July 2018
Principal Architect to sponsor the event

W.A.V.E. Workshop, Iuav Venice
President of the Jury
Date:8-14 July 2018

ICCROM-ATHAR Regional Conservation Centre in Sharjah
Place:Arab Forum for Cultural Heritage
Date:Sharjah 6-8 February 2018
‘Rethinking Reconstruction and Rehabilitation’

ICHA International Conference on History of Architecture
Date:Delhi 7-9 December 2017
GREHA a society for research on human habitat
‘Architecture or History; On Yemen’

Interpreting destruction and reconstruction in war situations
Place:Universita di Bologna
Date:27-28 October 2017
‘Destruction and Reconstruction: The postwar landscape’

Urbicide II: Post war Reconstruction in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine Conference, centre for Arts and the Humanities (CAH).
Date:6-8 April 2017
Urbicide Defined ‘Background and Overview’

IUAV: University of Architecture Venice
Date:6-8 April 2016

Place: Marrakech, Morocco
Date: 5 - 7 May 2015

Place: Beit Al-Hikma, Carthage Hannibal, Tunis
Date: 6 February 2015

ARAB WORLD RENEWAL: The Future of Arab Cities
First international Forum; Thinkers and Doers
Place: Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris
Date: 15 & 16 January 2015

With the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture
Place: Escula Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Date: 23 & 24 October 2014

Place: Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris
Date: 20 May 2014- 8 September 2014
Curator: Marie-Hélène Contal

Contents: Manifesto, Cabinet of Science & Fragments of the World
“…a “manifesto” in the form of an exhibition, the fruits of collective work with the architects of the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture…”

Architects in discussion:

- Alborde,
- Carin Smuts,
- Stefan Behnisch,
- Salma Samar Damluji,
- Anne Feenstra,
- Thomas Herzog,
- Patrick Bouchain,
- Francis Kéré,
- Kevin Low,
- Giancarlo Mazzanti,
- Rintala Eggerston,
- Rural Studio,
- Philippe Samyn,
- Studio Mumbai,
- Tyin Tegnestue,
- Vatnavitnir,
- Troppo / Parc Kakadu,
- Wang Shu / Hangzhou University,
- Francis Kéré / Gando,
- Construire / Atelier électrique,
- Rural Studio / Auburn City,
- Studio Mumbaï / Alibaug

Venue: la Cité d'Architecture & du Patrimoine, Paris
Date: 19 May 2014

Public Interest Design
Place: Paris Ecole Spécial d’Architecture
Date: 18 & 19 April 2014

Public Interest Design
In September 2013 a call for projects in public interest design was made, projects were submitted and the winners were announced in December. The winners will be present at a public convening on April 18 + 19, 2014 in Paris, France at Ecole Spécial d’Architecture. The international gathering will provide participants from a wide range of international expertise – architects, agronomists, conservation ecologists, business, economists, public health officials, members of government – with a chance to study how design can add value and momentum as communities tackle myriad problems. See winners and update.
Leçon Inaugurale de l'École de Chaillot
Place: Cité de l'Architecture et du Patrimoine, Paris
Date: 4 March 2014

École de Chaillot (see attached brochure) has different training for architects both from public and private sectors to specialize in conservation and the development of architectural, urban and landscape heritage. Students become Architectes du patrimoine, Architectes des batiments de France or Architectes en chef des monuments historiques.

It is a tradition to invite each year an architect to give an "inaugural lesson" to explain how he (she) considers history and heritage in his (her) work. This event, which takes place in the auditorium of the Cité, is open also to a wider public (about 250 persons), architects, urban planners, civil servants, clients, students, etc. The 1h30min lecture is followed by an exchange with the audience.

Architects who gave this lecture in the last years, include Wang Shu, Bernard Desmoulin, Alexandre Chemetoff, Jean-Marie Duthilleul, Jean Nouvel, Pierre-Louis Faloci, Patrick Berger, Henri Gaudin and Yves Dauge. The ‘lesson’ is published with a video on the website, as in previous years.

This year Salma Samar Damluji has been invited to give this prestigious lecture. The focus is on
‘…why a contemporary architect decided at some point to choose conservation as a priority. The technical, economic and social experience on different scales make the architect a unique witness and actor in the field of heritage. Your worldwide experience certainly allows to compare different kinds of heritage in different cultures in terms of knowledge, training and in terms of local development. Your involvement, especially as a woman, in community capacity building through your worksites and through your Foundation is certainly a point from which we could learn a lot.’
Mireille Grubert, Directrice September 2013.
Arab Contemporary: Architecture Culture Identity
Place: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Date: 31 January – 4 May 2014
Private Opening: 30 January 2014
Curators: Kjeld Kjeldsen and Mette Marie Kallehauge
Exhibition architect: Luise Hooge Lorenc.
On Thursday 30 January 2014 Louisiana Museum of Modern Art will hold the private and press opening of Arab Contemporary – Architecture, culture and identity. Louisiana’s Director, Poul Erik Tøjner, will welcome the press, and curator Kjeld Kjeldsen will introduce the exhibition.
Daw‘an Architecture Foundation contributed in the development stages of the exhibition, with SS Damluji as consultant, photographer Roger Moukarzel with photos of Shibam and GOPHCY with surveys and documentation of Shibam houses.

“ … The exhibition spotlights among other things new cities such as Dubai, old Yemeni civilizations and new architectural projects that relate to the desert as ‘place’. It shows how studios like Ateliers Jean Nouvel, Paris, X-Architects, Dubai, and Henning Larsen Architects, Copenhagen, intervene in the region with new interpretations. A topical focal point for the exhibition is the relationship between private and public space, which in recent years has been undergoing constant transformation socially, politically and architecturally.”

“… Thus the mud-brick city Shibam, also called the Manhattan of the Desert, lies at the edge of the Yemeni desert. Shibam … is one of the finest examples of Arab desert architecture. The almost magical beauty of the city and its simple but impressive construction technology are today inspiring architects and urban planners all over the world, and thus can be experienced at the exhibition, with architects who work with the desert as context and with the Genius loci – the spirit of the place – as their guiding principle.”
Culture is a Basic Need, Revisited
Reflections and future perspectives on Cultural Emergency Response in Conflict & Disaster
Place: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam
Date: 11 November 2013
Expert Meeting CER

“In 2013 the Prince Claus Fund celebrated CER’s (Cultural Emergency Response) 10th anniversary. Since 2003, when CER rehabilitated the University Library in Baghdad, CER has developed into an important programme of the Fund and a leading player in the field of cultural response. It implements an average of 40 cultural emergency actions per year all over the world. After ten years it’s time to reflect on what we are doing and where we are heading together with our implementing partners and counterparts working in the field of disaster preparedness and rescue of culture and heritage.”

“…Confronted with violent complex and fluid conflict situations, involving extremist groups, government armies, rebel groups, and possible foreign intervention, in air or on the ground, how can CER, through local partners operate and what can be its role and significance in such situations? In conflicts, cultural or religious heritage may be intentionally targeted for its significance for one or more population groups. What does it mean that foreign money supports the rescue of certain cultural heritage? These are questions we would want to address.”
Deborah Stolk, Programme Coordinator Cultural Emergency Response, Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development (September 2013).

The subject of our presentation was on the work of the Foundation as CER partner, over the past 3 years of political conflict and turmoil, in order to highlight the context of operating in complex emergencies and ongoing conflict situations, experiences of working in Yemen, especially now, and what makes it possible to still continue our work. What are the conditions and assets we require to still go on? And to provide some insight on how a (lingering) conflict effects the possibilities and practicalities of safeguarding heritage in relation to (international) politics, economics, and ethnic tensions … SS Damluji
Lecture: The Architecture of Yemen
Round Table: Hassan Fathy
Place: Iuav Department of Architecture and Arts
Graduate Degree Architecture & Culture, Venice
Date: 15 October 2013

Clinton Global Initiative
Annual Meeting 2013 & 2014
Place: New York City
Date: September 22-24, 2014
Daw‘an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation has been invited to renew its membership and attend the CGI Annual Meeting in 2014.
12th Annual Canova International Architect Encounter
Place: Canova, Ossola Valley- Italy
Date: 20 – 24 June 2013
‘‘...what Canova holds most dear is that humble Continuation; the key to discovering the most exciting future solutions.’’
Ken Marquardt, President, Associazione Canova

Contributing Architects:
Salma Samar Damluji, London-UK/ Hadramut-Yemen
Minakshi Jain, Ahmedabad, India
Glenn Murcutt, Sydney, Australia
Eko Prawoto, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Cité d’Architecture Global Awards & Exhibition 2013
The Clinton Global Initiative CGI
2012 Annual Meeting
Place: New York City
Date: 23-25 September 2012
Daw‘an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation was invited to join the CGI as a member and attend the Annual Meeting in 2012. Chairman Abdullah Bugshan will represent the Daw‘an Architecture Foundation at the Annual Meeting. Salma Samar Damluji is invited to participate and speak on the CGI PLENARY SESSION: Designing Inclusive Built Environments, on Monday 24 September.

‘‘We are very glad that Daw’an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation is a member of the CGI community.’’
(Julia Rosenbaum, Account Executive Clinton Global Initiative)

CGI was created by President Clinton in 2005 in an effort to translate ideas into action. Our Annual Meeting brings together heads of state, government and business leaders, scholars, and NGO directors. Participants analyze pressing global challenges, discuss the most effective solutions, and build lasting partnerships that enable them to create positive social change.
Clinton Global Initiative PLENARY SESSION
Place: New York City
Date: 24 September 2012
Women and the Built Environment: Designing for Opportunity
Session Description

Nicholas D. Kristof
Columnist, The New York Times

Joan Clos
Under-Secretary General and Executive Director, UN-HABITAT
Salma Samar Damluji
Chief Architect, Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation
Elizabeth Heider
Senior Vice President, Skanska USA Building Inc.; Chair, Board of Directors, U.S. Green Building Council
Jonathan Reckford
Chief Executive Officer, Habitat for Humanity International

Design and Urban Planning Direly Needs Women’s Input, Says a CGI Panel

Can architecture and design help improve women’s rights?

Clinton Global Initiative: The Wrap
Photo Gallery
HOME: Contemporary Architectural Interpretations of the Home in the Arab World
Museum of Architecture, (MoA)

Venue: The Mosaic Rooms AM Qattan Foundation, London
Design & Artwork: Samer Al Amin, 2503
Production & Structure: Souheil Sleiman at Amhurst Republic
Curator: Salma Samar Damluji
Date: 20 June- 8 July 2012
'Developed by the Museum of Architecture, Home is an exhibition that picks apart the very fabric of what makes up the home in the Arab world. The notion of home is explored through visual conception, materials and forms that reference traditional typologies and environmental contexts that are uniquely Arab.'

Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation represented Yemen. The exhibition touches on the theme of Al Bilad, the name given by Hadramis to their home, town and land. The installation is threefold:
A Film: 'Sundust' made from images shot in Shibam reflecting a sense of the living landscape; The Wall reconstructed to mirror the exterior and interior of the architecture, building and urban culture; The Story: 'A Celebration of Al Bilad' depicted in a wall of words annotated by drawings of the Sa'id Ba Surrah house.
Architecture is not only about buildings.

Special Thanks:
Abdullah Ahmad Said Bugshan, (Jeddah & Hadramut)
Photography: Julie Haddow (UK) & Roger Moukarzel (Beirut)

In Memory of Master Builder Karamah 'Ubayd of Tarim (d. 2011)
Global Award for Sustainable Architecture Ceremony
13 April 2012 at the Cité de l'Architecture Paris
Talk Show Who needs beauty?
Place: Amsterdam
Date: 13 December 2011
This event preceded the 15th annual presentation of the Prince Claus Awards.

Leading international artists and thinkers explore the meaning of art, culture and beauty and its impact on the lives of people. Host Ghida Fakhry, presenter for Al Jazeera English, ensures vivid debate between inspiring guests who share stories and experiences of courage and the creation of beauty as a key impetus for development.
Earth Architecture Conference
Mud, Stone & Shale
Venue: Sayu’n Wadi Hadramut, Yemen
Date: February-March 2011 (postponed)
The conference was to provide a platform for discussion of the condition of historic and future cities, showcasing innovative and creative projects in construction and design drawn from Chile to India.

It was intended to create an important exchange between North and South, East and West, promoting a more serious understanding of the technology, design language and environmental characteristics of earth architecture, and its effective implementation. The fact that the conference was to take place in the heart of the kingdom of mud brick architecture, the valley of Hadramut, was of considerable significance in terms of highlighting this agenda.

Conference Themes
  1. Architectural Rehabilitation and Development
  2. Modern & Contemporary Buildings: Innovation, Construction and Design (Case Studies and Projects)
  3. Yemeni Cities & Vernacular Architecture at Risk: Dilapidation, Destruction & Flood Hazard
  4. Future Use of Restored Residential Clusters & Heritage Landmarks
  5. Environmental Issues: Sustainable Planning Methods & Guidelines
Arabia Felix Exhibition
Venue: The Royal Institute of British Architects, London
Designed by: Wordsearch
Date: November 2007-February 2008
This exhibition is the product of Salma Samar Damluji’s long-lasting infatuation with the cities, landscape and architecture of Yemen.
It reconstructs and studies the original designs and plans of the country’s magnificent buildings, painting a sensitive and perceptive picture of the cities and urban cultures established by generations of patrons and master builders.
It is a work that also acknowledges the ecological impact of architecture, as well as offering a celebration of the artistic skills involved in the creation of these buildings, which use materials drawn from the very earth and rock on which they are constructed: mud, qirf, stone, local plants and trees.
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