Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation
مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية

Locations & Function


Sites are located in the Interior of Hadramut Governorate and in the towns and villages of Wadi Daw‘an and Wadi Hadramut. Project areas also include the coastal towns and provinces (Wadi Hajr, Mukalla, Shihr, Ghayl Bawazir, al Hami and Sharmah).

Sah & ‘Aynat Projects in Wadi Hadramut
In October 2008, following the floods that devastated large sections of Hadramut and neighbouring Wadi Sah, the Cultural Emergency Response (CER) of The Prince Claus Fund asked us to report on the damage inflicted on cultural or heritage landmarks of importance to the community. A survey and damage assessment of a number of architectural and historical sites on the coast and interior of Hadramut was conducted, with the support of the Daw‘an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation. The report submitted to CER in December identified key sites including: Shaykh ‘Umar Bawazir Mosque in Ghayl ‘Umar, Wali domes in Sah and Sayqat al Sadah Cemeteries, and the Mosque of al Faqih in ‘Aynat. Funding was approved in Spring 2009. This comprised the two mosques and 7 Wali tombs in Sah. Work started in June 2009 and was completed by early 2011.


  • Set up, operate and manage Architectural Projects including design, infrastructure and urban planning for the rehabilitation of towns and villages, individual sites and buildings
  • Carry out Architectural Surveys and documentation; prepare drawings and reports for existing buildings/ sites identified for rehabilitation or restoration and establish their renewal requirements
  • Provide specifications and costing for projects based on the above enlisting the expertise and services of Master Builders and craftsmen
  • Design of new projects including public and private buildings and extensions, based on sensitive, challenging architectural concepts and use of building materials
  • Advise on new projects, design and planning initiatives, taking into account area conservation and rehabilitation legislation building codes and regulations
  • Prioritise agricultural development areas, water and spate irrigation and flooding schemes, and assist with setting up organic farming projects
  • Assist with organic and industrial waste management
  • Publish and disseminate work in progress through Seminars, Conferences and Workshops and liaise with regional and international universities, academics, and professional experts

Training Programmes
Establish training programmes and building courses for architects (or apprentices) with traditional master builders through the Mud Brick Architecture Institute (including stone & qirf as building materials)

Parallel Tasks

  • Engage publicity and promote cultural and educational programmes to increase public awareness through effective media campaigns and documentation
  • Identify cultural heritage locations for immediate restoration, including emergency reinforcement works, and architectural regeneration (in conjunction with the builders training programme) for cultural and urban development programmes
  • Promote the architectural arts and crafts and find markets to promote and develop artisan and crafts activity
  • Hold international conferences, local exhibitions and lectures to establish the importance of this living architectural heritage, organise local activities in this field, share expertise, and co-operate on new or ongoing projects in Daw‘an, Hadramut and the region
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