Daw'an Mud Brick Architecture Foundation
مؤسسة دوعن للعمارة الطينية

Who We Are

The Foundation is not exclusive to Daw‘an, although Wadi Daw‘an is a priority area and base for its operation. The Foundation’s activities and research extend to other project areas and towns in Yemen and the region, which will benefit from the architectural design skills, professional services and expertise which it can promulgate and provide.

We set up projects and seek funding (through private and public institutions) in order to preserve and develop the architecture, urban culture and extraordinary local heritage. Working with Yemeni and Hadrami building disciplines, we are fostering and disseminating sophisticated building and design knowledge, craftsmanship and construction techniques.

The immediate concerns of the Foundation are:
  • Mud Brick and qirf (shale) Architecture Institute: setting up programmes and short courses in local building materials and techniques, to educate and train students and new builders under the supervision of Hadrami master builders and craftsmen
  • Identify and set up architectural rehabilitation projects for key buildings and architectural landmarks across Wadi Daw‘an. Renovate structures that can generate wealth for inhabitants while providing accommodation, services and core activities for cultural tourism
  • Regenerate the natural and economic resources which have enabled inhabitants to establish and develop their unique urban culture; assist in setting up projects which generate new economic resources towards the improvement of inhabitants’ quality of life and the potential for their contribution to the development of the Wadi
  • Investigate, research and develop renewable energy sources, solar energy and recycling, through ecological and sustainable projects in collaboration with Yemeni (San‘a’, Aden and Hadramut) and international University departments or institutions working with Earth Architecture
  • Research and publish studies and documentation to disseminate information and endorse local awareness, and organize exhibitions and projects about the region, to promote and develop the building and craft industries, tourism and culture
  • Develop educational programmes, projects and training workshops for children, students and women in the village and town communities of the Wadi
  • Collaborate with International and regional organisations setting up partnerships and associations for urban development projects and initiatives involving local institutions, at both grass-root and official levels
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